Q2 Milestones and Accomplishments

July 21, 2020, midnight by Jessica Singh
Last modified July 21, 2020, 11:18 a.m.

NorthernGrid had a very active second quarter and successfully met several key milestones.  Accomplishment highlights:

  • Solicited, analyzed and summarized member data submissions
  • Developed a draft study scope and published on 7/15 for stakeholder review
  • Held regular meetings with the Members Planning Committee, Members Committee, Enrolled Parties and States Committee, and Cost Allocation Task Force  to make progress on key deliverables

NorthernGrid’s focus in Q3 (July – September) will be to conduct a stakeholder review meeting and publish a final study scope.  It will also be performing power flow and production cost model case analyses, reviewing stakeholder project submissions, and performing regional transmission project combinations analysis.