Jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional entities have formed a single transmission planning association – NorthernGrid – that will facilitate regional transmission planning across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. The association members executed a Planning Agreement that will provide the region with:

  • One common set of data and assumptions
  • More opportunities to identify regional transmission projects
  • A single stakeholder forum
  • Elimination of duplicative administrative processes

The members intend for NorthernGrid to facilitate compliance with FERC requirements (including Order Nos. 890 and 1000) for those utilities that are required (or elect) to comply with such requirements, including cost allocation, when applicable. Pending Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval, NorthernGrid will replace ColumbiaGrid and Northern Tier Transmission Group which facilitate the compliance today.

The NorthernGrid members include Bonneville Power Administration, investor-owned utilities, and consumer-owned utilities located in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

NorthernGrid launched January 1, 2020.